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Verona Community Improvement Plan

The County of Frontenac and the Township of South Frontenac have started working together to develop a community improvement plan (CIP) for the village of Verona. Community improvement plans are a planning tool used across Ontario to revitalize towns and villages using incentives to stimulate private sector development and municipal initiatives that help improve a community. For example, many communities provide grants to businesses to help improve their signage and storefronts in order to create a more attractive mainstreet.

An initial public meeting was held in February to provide background on what a community improvement plan is. A second workshop is now planned to review the comments and ideas from the first community meeting; to discuss potential projects and programs for the community improvement plan; and to review the draft work prepared to date. This meeting will help the project team find out which programs and projects can have the greatest impact and benefit for revitalizing Verona, as well as helping to lay out a vision for the future of the village.

Workshop Details:
Thursday April 7th 2011
6:30 to 8:00 pm
Verona Lions Hall, 4504 Verona Sand Rd, Verona