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Grant Supports Agricultural Projects in Rural Canada

The AgriSpirit Fund has a budget of $1,000,000 to fund capital projects (eg. equipment, construction, renovations, etc.) in Canadian communities with less than 100,000 residents. Funding awards are between $5,000 and $25,000 per project. To be eligible applicants must be a registered charity, agricultural society, a municipality or partnered with a municipal government. Supported projects are expected to enhance the quality of life for people living in a rural community. Additionally, project must be completed by December 2013 and display acknowledgment of AgriSpirit’s contribution. Preference will be given to projects that benefit more than on community, encourage volunteerism, focus on agriculture, are not supported by the United Way and will give unabashed funder recognition. The fund will not support previous grant recipients, foundations, religious groups, private schools, political parties or social organization. Projects that have an adverse effect on the environment, support personal endeavours or sustain ongoing activities are not eligible. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS JUNE 20, 2010.

For grant or tax rebate consulting services, contact:
David Reynolds,

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