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Business Profile – Uptown Diary

Chris Bliss, Owner - Uptown Diary


Chris Bliss had a unique business concept; she wanted to take a traditional Holstein dairy farm no longer in operation and convert it into a goat dairy. After extensive research and planning Chris contacted the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation (Frontenac CFDC) to help make her goat dairy a reality.

Chris worked closely with the staff at the Frontenac CFDC to get her business off the ground with a start-up loan. “The Frontenac CFDC is a great resource if you are thinking about starting a business,” says Chris, “they helped me fine tune my business plan and when I was overwhelmed with the process they showed up at just the right time to encourage me.”

In January 2009 Chris opened Uptown Dairy in Sydenham and purchased the initial herd of 80 goats. Since then Uptown’s herd has grown to over 220 goats. The Grade A licensed operation is now producing high quality milk from 120 goats it is currently milking. “One of our goals is to build a disease-free herd so we can start to export our animals,” says Chris, “The help that the Frontenac CFDC provided us has helped grow our business and progress us towards our exporting goal.”